How to lower your electricity bill in Grande Prairie

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Energy Efficiency | 0 comments

With more people staying home than ever before due to COVID-19, energy costs may be higher than normal. For anyone who is trying to save money on their energy bills as well as being environmentally friendly, it is possible to cut back and keep costs reasonable. If you’re not sure where to get started, these small changes can add up. Some may seem obvious, but it’s important to get a perspective of how doing them changes your home electricity bill.

4 Simple Steps to reduce your electricity bill in Grande Prairie, Alberta

1. Turn off the lights!

It’s really that simple – about 12% on average of your home’s energy usage comes from lighting. You probably need to use the lights during the evening and morning hours, however, it’s always best to take advantage of natural sunlight when you can. You can get creative and install a DIY Skylight Kit, although we definitely recommend getting a local roofer to install the roofing part! The more white surfaces to reflect light, the better. You can paint your eaves white, paint more of your rooms brighter, glossier colors. Or if you’re working from home, you can simply try setting up your home office in an area with windows so you can reduce your lighting needs. Also, make sure that you turn off the lights when not in the room and encourage others to do the same.

2. Reduce Electronic Use

When it comes to the electronics such as computers and television, you’re using about 21% of your energy bills on these items. However, many of them may not be in use frequently. This doesn’t mean that they’re still not taking up energy though. Devices such as televisions use standby power even when they’re off. You may be surprised to find out how much energy you’re using even when devices are not in use. The best way to reduce or eliminate this unnecessary power is to unplug idle electronics. If this is too much work, use wifi connected electrical switches, or smart wifi outlets. You can even turn off your devices when not at home since these smart outlets are usually connected to the internet as well. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the savings!

3. Have an Energy Inspection Done

At ADC Electric, your local electricians in Grande Prairie, we know where the power goes in your house – but do you? You can take these steps on your own but you may be missing valuable opportunities to save energy in your home. Having a simple inspection will give you some handy tips on where you can cut back so you’ll know where to focus. An electrical inspection is well worth a few hours of your time, especially as the weather starts to turn colder. Schedule an inspection and you’ll get personalized recommendations to reduce energy usage. Contact ADC Electric to get yours booked today.

4. Change Lighting

Although turning off the light, in general, is always a good idea when it’s not needed, buying different bulbs can also make a big difference. LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient lighting option. They use 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs! They’re also long-lasting so you won’t have to replace them frequently. In fact, the average LED bulb will last 25 times longer than a traditional bulb. They’re not made with mercury so they’re a safer option as well. You’ll probably pay a little more for these bulbs but the savings make it well worth any extra costs. Ask us about how we can help you with LED Lighting Upgrades in Grande Prairie.

Keeping an eye on your energy usage is a great way to identify problem areas and make adjustments that will really add up. Use these tips to cut back and also find ways to get an idea of where you’re using the majority of your home’s energy.