Reasons why to hire a licensed electrician

by | Feb 27, 2021 | Electrical Tips | 0 comments

If you need electrical design services, you should ask a licensed electrician for help. Below are the reasons why to hire a qualified electrician.

1. Their Qualifications

Before they are licensed, electricians have to complete many hours of classwork, and thorough on-the-job training. Naturally, after such comprehensive training, it is safe to say that your emergency electrician will surely possess the knowledge as well as skills for handling any electrical issue. Considering that, you will also have peace of mind and confidence, knowing that the electrician will efficiently deal with the issue at hand. 

2.They Are Updated On The New Technologies And Codes

To ensure the safety of the residents, safety and building codes are continuously improved. Every licensed technician is required to take regular classes and training sessions to stay updated on new technologies and codes. This ensures that the electrician remains aware of changes in safety regulations. Additionally, certain electrical problems require particularly specialized equipment, most of which are new to a field.

3. You Are Protected From Any Liability Or Damage

When it comes to electrical repairs and systems, there is always a risk of damage to the property or electrocution. In case your property is damaged or an electrician gets injured, who will be liable? 

Per legal requirements, the licensed electrician is insured as well. Therefore, in case something goes wrong during an emergency electrical repair, your property and family are protected. 

At certain times you might need electrical design services just for simple tasks you may want to perform all by yourself. Even if that is the case, you should ensure an electrician is licensed. The unlicensed one may complete a job without a hitch, however, that decision might prove to be expensive later on. This is the case because according to the home insurance policy, every electrical system installation needs to be handled by licensed professionals. In other words, if the accident gets attributed to faulty wiring from the unlicensed professional, then you will be obliged to take care of any repairs out of your pocket.

4. They Are Accountable

Licensed electricians often pride themselves on offering high-quality services. Therefore, they also provide you with a service guarantee, which is the assurance of quality as well as longevity of a service provided. In case the issue arises after or during they render the electrical design services, you can be sure that they will be always available to give you a helping hand to resolve it. 

5. Can Make Selling The Property Much Easier

Building a house can be quite an expensive undertaking, and as such, a lot of people try reducing costs. Because of this, you might be tempted to hire some unlicensed electrician, hoping that their services will cost you less. However, the truth is that only licensed electricians are given permits for performing the necessary home wiring. So in case you decide to sell your house shortly but there is not a permit for wiring in the real estate disclosure, you could be in trouble; not having the permit may discourage many buyers because of a safety risk, forcing you to sell your house at the price lower than its actual value. 

When you need electric work, you should always seek the help of experienced professionals, confident that they will get the job done. In case you require help, ADC Electric is at your service! You can rely on our licensed electricians to help you in resolving any issue at hand.